Richard Birkett

Press release for exhibition at the Whitechapel Project Space, 2005 – Richard Birkett

Charlotte Ginsborg’s new film ‘Stretching out flat on the mattress he fell asleep instantly’ depicts a complex narrative that parallels political aggression with a personal sense of social phobia. Ginsborg’s work on some levels operates within the seamlessly ‘professional’ world of cinema and television drama, yet simultaneously drops important established visual and textual elements of narrative structure, to expose the script as read, its visual accompaniment as composed and contrived. Strangely, the effect of this is to authenticate her story, to confirm its validity and its focus on very human action and sociological gesture. The works basic premise – a personalised tussle with photographic media – proposes a doubling and a loss of identity in opposition to mass political protest, an almost documentary exposé of social helplessness in the face of the small afflictions of everyday life.