Stills from A State of Agreement

A State of Agreement
34 minutes, 2008, DV

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer: Stephanie Willats
Camera:   Catherine Derry

A State of Agreement was directed by Charlotte Ginsborg and forms part of the Arts Council series: Pioneers in Art and Science DVDs produced in 2004–2006, provoking thinking around the ideas of interaction in art; how art and society impact on each other, how creative artists involve and respond to scientific ideas within their own practice and how the disciplines between art and science can interact.

The film is based around an interview between Stephen Willats and Dr Andrew Wilson, Curator of Modern and Contemporary British Art at the Tate, and includes reproduction of several of Willats’ works and other primary film source material. This lively debate, which takes place both in Willats’ studio and on location in West London where he made some of his key pieces, concerns his artistic ideas and documents the intellectual rigour and structured content of Stephen Willats’ work and reveals new understandings for his pioneering art practice. It covers the different values behind Willats’ work, the range of media he employs to address changing varieties of social issues and his vision of the future based on a fluid and transient approach to reality, people and society.

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