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The Mirroring Cure
28min, 16mm, 2006

Tracing the life of a large construction site from demolition to the completion of new office space, ‘The Mirroring Cure’ focuses on people’s relationship to their built environment, highlighting the complexity of personal identities formed through being at work. The film is told from the view point of the company secretary who has decided to carry out interviews with those employed around her. We witness her fascination with one of the architects whom she discovers suffers from a loss of balance, exacerbated by the large scale of the site. She becomes intrigued by the bizarre cure he develops to cope with his affliction.

Appearing initially as a documentary detailing both the complexity of personal identities formed through being ‘at work’, and the effects of architecture on behaviour, the gradual introduction of a ‘story line’ leaves the viewer unsure as to what genre of film they are watching. To what extent the characters are acting remains ambiguous. Shot on 16mm over a two-year period the film forms an intimate portrait of five working lives set against the visually arresting and constantly shifting architecture of the building development.


Commissioned & funded by Land Securities as part of Westminster Council Public Art Programme.


Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer: Michael Choudhury
Writer: Charlotte Ginsborg
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
DOP: Rob Hardy
Sound Designer: Ron Wright
Cast: Bita Taghavi, Kit Ward, Trevor Hawkins, Greg Craig, John Franklin