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Stretching Out Flat
9mins, 16mm & 35mm stills, 2005

Structured around a female voice-over describing an encounter with a man she meets in a restaurant the film tells the story of a case of mistaken identity through the mix up of two peoples’ photographs of a political march. The images cut between live documentary footage of a political demonstration and overtly staged cinematic moments in a pub as elements of the story are played out. The camera follows the male and female characters as they traverse both locations but never meet.

On some levels the film operates within the world of cinema and television drama, yet simultaneously drops important established visual and textual elements of narrative structure, to expose the script as read, its visual accompaniment as composed and contrived. Strangely, the effect of this is to authenticate the story and its focus on very human action and sociological gesture. The works basic premise – a personalised tussle with photographic media – proposes a doubling and a loss of identity in opposition to mass political protest, an almost documentary exposé of social helplessness in the face of the small afflictions of everyday life.

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer Michael Choudhury
Writer: Charlotte Ginsborg
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
Director of Photography: Catherine Derry
Sound: Mike Donald
Cast: Louise Bailey, Brendan Gregory