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Seetha & Lamberto
19min, 35mm Stills and DV, 2003

The film comprises of 35mm stills and DV interview footage that features two characters, (one in Italy, one in the UK), both of whom are afflicted by gephyrophobia, a fear of crossing bridges. The narration tells of a hotel concierge whose fear becomes so great that he is forced to live permanently in his place of work. Captured in the unsettling non-space of international travel we bare witness to his increasingly distorted sense of spatial awareness. Searching for a cure on the Internet he discovers an English woman who has overcome the identical fear by using an unexpected and possibly ridiculous technique. Adapting this strategy to his own circumstances, the concierge resolves to overcome his affliction. Architectural structures become symbols for the fraught relationship between private and public experience.


Funded by The Radar Project as part of the European Union Culture 2003 programme

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Writer: Charlotte Ginsborg
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
Sound Assistant: Marcin Strzelecki
Editing Assistant: Sigrid Lange
Cast: Seetha Agaptha & Lamberto Losi