Melior Street
65min, 2011

Melior Street near London Bridge, a road with a diverse demographic and a confused architecture, functions as a stage set for an exploration of eight peoples’ relationship to community and transience within the city. Ostensibly a series of documentary portraits, the cast of real people who are all connected to the street, are not only the subject of the film but are major contributors to its content. The film investigates the power of the author’s voice within documentary as orchestrated actions, staged conversations and songs (created in collaboration with the composer Gabriel Prokofiev), puncture the sense of a recorded reality.


Melior Street was funded by FLAMIN (Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network) as part of their production awards 2010

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Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer: Veronica Saez
Music: Gabriel Prokofiev
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
DOP: Rupert Hornstein and Jason Ellis
Sound Designer: Ron Wright
Cast: Michael Cooley
Julian Anstey
Tenneh Silla
Phillip Heaton
Ejiro Eotess
Sarah Niles as Chama Bukankala
Slavomir Svec
Leandra Paul